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COACHELLA doesn’t even come close to comparing with any other festival - I don’t need to of gone to know that.  

*imagine this* the hot LA sun is shining down on you, palm trees are everywhere you turn, in the morning you’re at a pool party, the evening on a field listening to music. There’s art and there’s music, there’s a carnival, glitter tattoos on every person you pass, celebrities wondering round just like you, things are glowing in the dark, people are sleeping in teepees…  oh

Wouldn’t be right to mention Coachella without mentioning the queen that is Vanessa Hudgens. Her bohemian wardrobe, accompanied by her new blonde mermaid hair and ever lasting supply of hippie jewellery are just a few of what righteously gives her her title. And if that weren’t enough, she also has Austin Butler walking round with her looking equally as cool. 

Expectation - stop revision for an hour to have a quick lunch
Reality - stop revision for the day and go shopping

I don’t know what happened, one second I was deciding what to revise and the next I was in the car on the way to Ashford; priorities. Can’t say I regret my unconscious decision making though. Found these blue gingham leggings in Topshop after deciding that the only trousers I own are alternative black leggings and unflattering jeans. Also found this satin floral tee/ blouse in the River Island sale for £12 with an additional 30% off because it had shrunk from a 12 to a 10 (fine by me). Finally, got this gingham skort in New Look because skorts are such a clever little garment. 

Let the Ralph Lauren outlet get the better of me, always do. Always amazes me how easily manipulated I am by designers. I would never pay these prices in any high-street store but as soon as I see it in a higher end store, I unquestionably have to buy it. 

Kids choice awards, where to even begin. I love christmas and halloween and my birthday.. but the day of the kids choice awards is my favourite. My life more or less revolves around teen celebrities (or just any celebrities for that matter) so when they all get together under one roof, I get just a little excited. Ross Lynch starts high fiveing Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez starts hugging Cody Simpson, Drake and Josh start making re-appearances..

The nickelodeon orange carpet tops all red carpets. Why? Because it’s my favourite girls dressed in the prettiest dresses and two pieces; they’re not overly formal gowns like you’d expect to find on the red carpet, but rather stunningly casual. Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande never ever fail to disappoint - every year they just end up looking cuter. 

Two days till textile deadline. Two days till I somehow have to find a way to avoid seeing everyone else’s work that inevitably will put mine to shame.  Two days till the sweet freedom of a sewing machine and needle. 

The Oscars, The Vanity Fair Oscar party, Elton John’s Oscar party, three separate red carpets, over 200 celebrity guests, 100 gowns.. yet this is the only picture I have saved - no explanation as to why needed really other than they are perfect. 

Vanessa Hudgens looked every inch the star in her metallic strapless gown by Philosophy but who really cares what you look like when you have Austin Butler looking at you like that. 

Having London Fashion Week withdrawal symptoms!!

Before attending LFW, I had read websites after websites, updates, blogs, everything that could give me the slightest insight to the world-renowned event. But none of it compares to physically being inside that room watching the show; the atmosphere was fuelled by the excitement and passion radiating from each individual in the room - all of whom shared the exact same adoration for the show as you (I can’t say I’ve ever been somewhere where I’ve felt so at home and content).

When we weren’t watching the shows, we were posing in photo booths and browsing the pop-up stores for bargains (If you’re going to shop there, bear in mind you’ll need to factor in a bigger budget). Once we were done indulging in retail therapy, we took a seat to watch some live music and chill out. In doing so, we got talking to a woman who was setting up a custom made jewellery store online and was interested in the types of jewellery we bought and wore; this is what makes the day so chill, people talking to people they don’t know because ultimately you, and everyone else, have something in common and that’s a love for fashion and the industry.

The shows were short lasting but nonetheless worth every penny and second. The Nicole Farhi show, I found, was heavily based on the color green and as someone who’s never really been a fan of the color, I managed to find it rather refreshing. The designs reflected the typical business suit look but in a way that made them wearable outside of the office. With each design different to the next, there was always something new to indulge over. 

The trend show was something completely different from the perspective that I was truly inspired by it; I loved seeing the different interpretations on the current trends – particularly the ‘lace embrace’.

Being my first real fashion show, I couldn’t have really asked for anything better. Everything about it just confirmed why I love fashion because sitting in that show room was one of the best feelings. 


Blouse (primark, £10) - Skirt (Pull and Bear, £19.99) - Coat (Tesco, £35 £20) - Sandals (River Island, £35 £15)

 - Casio watch (Urban Outfitters, £35)

Returned to the good old pastels and whites that so uncontrollably manage to work there way into my wardrobe. It took me a long, long, long, long, time to find a nude color coat and just when I was about to give up, I managed to find one on the sale rack in Tesco’s. I’ve forever lived by the rule of ‘never give up’, but it’s becoming apparent then every time I’m about to close the door on something, it’s pushed right back open. With Easter right around the corner, pastels are making more and more appearances on the shelves (if they weren’t enough already). The question that comes with that is, is the ‘girly’ pastel trend becoming too common? And if so, do I become a person that is bothered about wearing something that has become righteously common. My answer to that is no; the only thing that’s common is the product itself, how that product is worn and interpreted is what makes it different. I’m continually amazed by how the same product can be styled in so many different ways. So for now the pastels remain and I will continue to get excited at the site of a pale pink/ blue patterned skirt. 

BRIT awards - it’s that time of year again!

The red carpet was lacking this year in terms of dresses and gowns - the exception being Pixie Lott who looked elegantly sleek in a simple white, floor length dress by DKNY and Sophie Webster heels (eternally a fan of those who can pull of a plain white dress and still look striking).

Zen (noun) - a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being but it is also a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.

Adapting to a healthier eating regime in the hope of becoming zen and at peace with who I am. Detox is a word, more often than not, associated with alcohol and drugs.. but it’s so much more; the purpose of a detox is to cleanse the body and aura, ultimately bringing you inner peace and right now, inner peace sounds good. 


After my day of all black, I took the liberty of experimenting with dark and light. Inspired by one of my favorite Vanessa Hudgens outfits, I took a pair of Zara white trousers and paired it with a chunky, cropped, navy turtleneck from Primark. Personally, I find something aesthetically pleasing about mixing summer and winter clothes (as someone who has always been indecisive about my favorite season, I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to come up with the idea).  The black ankle strap heeled sandals, from primark, seemed like the obvious choice for tying the two seasons together, emitting elegance and confidence in doing so. 

Considering most of my wardrobe consists of pastels and whites, it felt abnormal walking the streets of London in all black. (and while my wardrobe color choices won’t be changing any time soon, I can’t deny that I got some satisfaction from wearing it). One black, loose fitted coat from TKMax (£18), a pair of black chunky sandals from New Look (£22.50) and a black beanie hat from River Island (£4) and I had slowly managed to digress from light to dark - angel to sinner - within the short space of a couple of hours.

The thing with London is, it gives you inspiration and muse to do anything; after a day of people watching in Oxford Street and chilling at a skate park down on south bank, it became easy to be enthused by different cultures fashion choices – more so being Fashion Week as everyone was dressed specially for the event. The uncertainty of what you’ll see and find on each trip to London is exciting and absorbing; I love getting on a train with my best friend, not knowing what part of London we are going or where we are going to end up, because it’s London and the possibilities are endless – the fact I ended the day in next to all black is proof of that.


I follow back similar 🐬🌵 x

I was down in London last night for the final show of Taylor Swifts Red Tour; it was unexplainable!! The power and emotion in her performances was something I’d never really seen before. Her speeches introduced her songs whilst telling her story in a way that made you fully understand why she was doing what she was doing. A lot is said in the press and tabloids, things that aren’t always fair to the truth but after watching her I realize, now more than ever, that it doesn’t mean anything. She is the most talented singer I’ve every heard live and she deserves every bit of her success, end of. 

So her performance - I previously wrote, after ‘The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection’ Show, that I hadn’t realised there were so many different versions of a red dress - well Taylor Swift only confirmed that. It seemed every song she came out for, she had on a different red dress (has to be said her quick changes were impressive); I found myself becoming more excited by her costumes than her actual performance. And the vast expanse of red dresses continues off stage as well as she takes to the red carpet – on separate occasions – in these beautiful Elie Saab gowns (above) it’s just as well she looks good in red. 

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